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In this day and time, when images are everywhere...our concern is the lack of images of women of color. Our model management team has a passion to alter the narrative by showcasing all women including beautiful women of color. Our management company strives to help those with a dream in this industry to become successful. However, we understand this is a tough industry to crack and we will not promise what we cannot deliver. We strive to create you a career in this ever changing industry. We welcome you to the fold.

GET SCOUTED: High Wire Model Management looks for star power and seeks models of all ages and all sizes. However, be aware for runway models, we are looking for female models between 5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet tall and male models between 6 feet and 6 feet 3 inches. If you do not meet these requirements you can become an editorial model and be featured in several publications produced by our sister company, High Wire Media Group, LLC. To apply, you also need images described on the auditions page, some je ne sais quoi and super killer confidence.

New Faces

Our management company helps you step into the world of modeling – one of the world's most glamorous industries!


We seek experienced and inexperienced models. Your new fashion careers starts here. Give yourself the opportunity to strut your stuff or to be featured on local and regional magazines.

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High Wire Model Management is looking for models, of all ages, to manage and introduce you to the world of fashion, beauty, and glamour. We seek those that want to at least experience a taste of this industry.

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We'll bring out your qualities and characteristics. So we can then put you in the right environment for success. Just be prepared to work hard and be teachable.

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We brace our models for a world that has two faces: the attractive side of glamour and wealth, on one hand, and on the other hand, the harsh reality of a demanding business!

High Wire Model Management

To bring out the beauty in our communities

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“Modeling is the world that I feel most welcome in.”

– Brooke Shields

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