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About Us

High Wire Model Management (HWMM), a new model management company, focuses on obtaining and highlighting Ethnic models. Redefining, what is considered, the look of beauty.

With a lack of Ethnic representation in mainstream media, the idea for HWMM was born. Our goal is to represent talent around the United States and then the global marketplace. We have gleaned from other agencies and now we have innovated model management, with several new and needed twist. First, the majority of our models are of Ethnic origin…to the modeling industry which features limited models of ethnic origin. Secondly, we have models that may not “fit” the mainstream model category because they have a little more substance.

HWMM’s new and upcoming talent will continue to innovate and influence the industries of modeling and fashion. We realize that beauty is not defined by celebrities, but by the rank and file of todays men and women. Our talent pool stands out because we showcase men and women of color. At this junction…we may not grace fashion publications, television, movie screens, prestigious ad campaigns and ultra-chic catwalks…but keep your eyes on what is about to change in the marketplace and fashion industry, as we know it. High Wire Model Management will explode unto the marketplace as a contender viable with any agency out there. HWMM represents some of today’s most beautiful women. With our leadership team, we plan to be among the most prestigious agencies in the Southeastern, United States. Staffed with a new generation of creative visionaries, our team will lead the agency into the future. HWMM’s philosophy is to offer its models a solid plan of management on a foundation of hard work. With an attention to detail and an aggressive stand in the marketplace, each model is ensured personal attention not found in larger agencies. HWMM succeeds on all levels of a models’ career; from our high-end editorial and advertising campaigns to local and corporate businesses throughout the US. If you are seeking an agency that puts the models first, combined with a family atmosphere, High Wire Model Management is the place for you. We are branding our agency now, fueled in part by the continued emergence of couture purchases by so many Ethnic groups, yet minimal images of women of color. HWMM
steps into the most prominent markets issuing a demand for new Ethnic talent! We do away with the concept on one size for our models and take the steps to attack the notion that we have a small population of beautiful people. In fact, we have such a large section of beautiful Ethnic models for print, television, and runways that we seek, designers, to look at us seriously and to change the culture of fashion modeling. Let’s move in the right direction, as an industry, understanding beauty comes in all sizes and colors.

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